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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering - GATE

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering - GATE
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all-India examination administered and conducted in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee comprising faculty from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National Coordinating Board - GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), and Government of India.

The zones and the corresponding administrative institutes of GATE are:

Zone 1 - Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Zone 2 - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Zone 3 - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Zone 4 - Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Zone 5 - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Zone 6 - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Zone 7 - Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Zone 8 - Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Some institutions specify GATE as the mandatory qualification even for admission of self-financing students to postgraduate programmes. GATE qualified candidates in Engineering disciplines are also eligible for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. Some government organizations prescribe GATE qualification as a requirement for applying to the post of a Scientist/Engineer.GATE is generally conducted on the second Sunday of February every year. Admission to all Post Graduate Degree Programmes with MHRD Scholarship / Assistantship in Engineering / Technology/ Architecture/Pharmacy in India is open to those who qualify at GATE.


A candidate is eligible for Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Scholarship/ Assistantship in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy/Sciences at engineering colleges/institutes in the country if he/she qualifies in GATE. To avail the scholarship

" The candidate must secure admission to such a postgraduate programme, as per the prevailing procedure of the admitting institution. GATE qualification by itself does not guarantee admission. GATE qualified candidates in Engineering disciplines are also eligible for the award of the Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories.


" Cracking GATE is important to get admission to postgraduate programmes and avail scholarship benefits for studying in various government-engineering colleges of India.

" Once qualify in GATE, is eligible to pursue doctoral programme in chosen branch of science like, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Application.

" Scoring well in GATE helps to pursue M. Tech program in any of the leading institutes of India.

" After qualify in GATE, one become eligible for the award of JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) in the CSIR laboratories.

A major advantage about GATE is that of getting the opportunity to be a part of any nationally reputed Educational Institute and continue learning and research.

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