Saturday, December 15, 2007

Going to USA via GRE for USMLE?

Q: Is it a right way to go to USA through GRE and then clear MLE?
With PLAB becoming tougher and tougher with each day passing, I think many medicos like me who want to be abroad would like to change their mind to something impossible called MLE. Wouldn’t it be a right option to get through GRE first and then shift to MLE?

Going to the US first through GRE and then writing USMLE is now becoming pretty popular. It is a way out. Having said that the competition would still be the same, it will not decrease. USMLE would still be as tough or as easy. However if you are desperate and you feel that you will have access to better facilities to prepare for USMLE then go first with GRE then prepare for USMLE. If you are serious, focused and have access to material in your home country then writing your USMLE now is a better option. Why spend extra money on GRE and waste 1-2 years?

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